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You can make a difference!

The Parent Club strives to make a positive impact on the classroom environment and student programs. All of this is achieved through the fundraising and volunteer efforts of Leland parents.

Your student benefits!

Funds raised through Parent Club Membership are used for:

  • Technology and the Classroom - requests from Admin/Faculty/Technology Committee.
  • Special Education Fund - requests for items that are not provided by the district for special education.
  • Teacher Wish Lists - requests for items that are not provided by the district. This brings new or updated technology to the campus.
  • Senior Recognition Awards - awarded to nominated seniors during the senior awards event.
  • Senior Grad Night Event - A safe and sober grad night event.
  • Senior Brunch - brunch for seniors on the morning of graduation rehearsal.
  • Parent Education Night - addressing current problems students are facing.

You can help!

  • Become a member and support the Parent Club financially
  • Volunteer for one or many events, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved!

A Message from the President

Dear Leland Senior Parents and Guardians,

Congratulations to The Class of 2020!  We are proud of our senior class!! Go Chargers!!!

Recently, Leland Parent Club has been receiving inquiries about the Senior Graduation ceremony, and here is an update about Leland Parent Club, and the details on the graduation ceremony. Graduation ceremony is always conducted by school administration and SJUSD. Every year, Leland Parent club works with the Leland High school administration and within the rules and regulations specified by SJUSD to organize the various events for the school including the Senior Grad Night celebrations.

About Leland Parent Club: We are a group of parent volunteers that work close to 550 hours (approx) a year to make a positive impact on the classroom environment, student programs, technology, and school safety. We achieve all these by working with the school administration and following the SJUSD Rules and Regulations while being bound by the clauses of our Liability Insurance cover. Sometimes we accomplish our goal with very limited resources and only a few parent volunteers. We give our best to make Leland High School thrive!

It is an important point to note, that more than 30% of the Leland Parent Club's annual budget is allocated for graduating seniors every year. This includes 

1.     Senior Recognition Awards, 
2.     Senior brunch, 
3.     Student Scholarship, & 
4.     Senior Grad Night.

Update on Senior Recognition Awards: After months of planning and reviewing we are happy to inform you that we were able to sponsor 4 Senior Recognition Awards for the academic year 2019-20! These awards were based on non-academic contributions to both Leland High School and the Community.

Update on Senior Grad Night: Planning & organizing for the Senior Grad night begins in January every year. For this year, we planned to partner with the School for Senior Sunset to celebrate our seniors class students and sponsor the event completely. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented situation of COVID-19 related Shelter-in-place mandate completely changed the plans that we had for the Senior students’ celebrations. With the school being closed and social distancing protocols in place, we are unable to move forward with our original plan for the Senior Sunset celebration. We have to abide by the instructions we have from the Leland School Administration and SJUSD.

As a group of Leland parents, we very much would like the opportunity to celebrate our senior class of 2020 and show our appreciation for their hard work they put in during these difficult times,  but as you can understand, the safety of our student community and the Leland staff is our current priority as we are grappling with dealing the new normal during these unprecedented times. 

We would like to keep the Leland Students and parents’ community, updated with any new developments. We will keep you all updated via the Leland Parent Club Website or through the Leland High School Newsletter. Should you have any further questions on the Senior Graduation Ceremony for the class of 2020, kindly contact the School office/administration team.


In addition to the information above, please refer to the links for updates from SJUSD and our High School Principal Mr. Park.

Mr.Park’s Update on May 27th , Virtual Graduation (June 16, 5pm):

“Seniors, we look forward to honoring you on June 16 at 5pm!

All of San Jose Unified’s high schools have partnered up with a production company called Grad Pro, to produce our virtual graduations. There will be a feature for seniors to upload a short message as well. To access this feature, a unique link for each senior will be sent by Grad Pro (by email or phone).

In addition, we have included an informational flyer as a part of the cap and gown distribution. The flyer also includes the unique link that is specific to each student. The due date to upload this feature has been extended to June 5. If a senior wishes to not to upload a short video message, a graduation slide with his or her picture will be uploaded for the student.

We have been given a production release date of June 16th at 5pm for the virtual graduation ceremony. The broadcast link will be available on the school’s website on June 16th. In addition, the recording will be available to view again at a more convenient time.

If students need assistance uploading their video, can contact GradPro at

Provide Student ID #, School Name, Your Name, Phone Number, and Email.

Students may also contact Mrs. Walsh as well at”



I hope you are staying safe and healthy!

Sujatha Swaminathan,


Leland Parent Club​

Technology and safety devices fund for 2019-2020:



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Leland High School Parent Club