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Senior Awards: 4/18/2021


Safety Sleeve to all the doors as a secondary barricade in emergency

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​​​​​​You can make a difference!

The Parent Club strives to make a positive impact on the classroom environment and student programs. All of this is achieved through the fundraising and volunteer efforts of Leland parents.

Your student benefits!

Funds raised through Parent Club Membership are used for:

  • Technology and the Classroom - requests from Admin/Faculty/Technology Committee.
  • Special Education Fund - requests for items that are not provided by the district for special education.
  • Teacher Wish Lists - requests for items that are not provided by the district. This brings new or updated technology to the campus.
  • Senior Recognition Awards - awarded to nominated seniors during the senior awards event.
  • Senior Grad Night Event - A safe and sober grad night event.
  • Senior Brunch - brunch for seniors on the morning of graduation rehearsal.
  • Parent Education Night - addressing current problems students are facing.

You can help!

  • Become a member and support the Parent Club financially
  • Volunteer for one or many events, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved!

A Message from the President

​​Dear Leland Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the 2020 – 2021 school Year.  I hope you all had a restful safe summer and settled with a new normal routine. This is my fourth and last year as Leland High School Parent Club (LPC) president.

Leland Parent Club (LPC) is a non-profit organization that plays a critical role to make a positive impact on the classroom environment and student programs. We are a group of parent volunteers who work throughout the year to make a strong community of students, parents, and teachers. Our main goal is to be an effective conduit between the school and the parents and ultimately benefit our children’s education.

Your Donations can make a difference in every student’s life at school. With Your donations every year, we are able to sponsor/supplement technology for classrooms, special education programs, Parent Education Night, Student Scholarship, Charger newspaper, Senior awards, Senior graduation night, Senior brunch, Teachers wish list, Welcome Breakfast, Staff appreciation luncheons and safety devices for all the classrooms. We were also able to bring in parent education nights twice a year.

This year is going to be different and challenging. But we will be communicating to you often. We will need your volunteering time and donations more than usual. Our goal is to raise $50,000 this academic year 2020-2021.

I encourage you to actively participate in your child’s education by reading our school’s bi-weekly E-newsletter and The Charger Newspaper. We add periodic announcements regarding school events, volunteer involvement through these publications. Please visit our website at for more detailed information about upcoming events supported by Leland Parent Club and to access our Donation Drive Form.

Please make your donations through one of two ways, the 
Donation Drive form or through PayPal. You may download the form and leave it with a check in the front office. Thank you for your generous donations.

Parents are vital to the success of Leland Parent Club. Through volunteering and working together we build a strong community that will give an exceptional experience for our students when they leave high school to face the real world.

We cannot wait to work with you all!

Have a Great Year!

Sujatha Swaminathan
Leland Parent Club

Technology and safety devices fund for 2019-2020:

MacBook Air

Leland High School Parent Club



6677 Camden Ave, San Jose CA 95120

Make A Donation - Your donation in any amount is always appreciated. Use the donation form to mail in your donation, or click the 'Donate Now' button at the left to make a donation of any amount through PayPal.The recommended donation amount for per family is $250. However, we would like for you to contribute what is comfortable for you. Every donation makes a difference! Thank you!

Open Positions for 2021-2022 year. Please contact ,  if you are interested in any position.
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Teacher's Wish List
4. Publicity and Communications
5. Staff Appreciation
6. Senior Awards. 
Link to know more about the open positions(Volunteer duties)