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Currently, there are emergency buckets in every classroom. Each bucket is equipped with an emergency toilet, food, water, blankets and first aid kits. The Leland Parent Club is looking to replenish the emergency supplies so that students will have supplies during emergency situations.

We will ensure that each and every classroom will be equipped with a sleeve and emergency bucket, even if we do not raise enough funds. However, your donations are greatly appreciated. As you know, Leland Parent Club fundraises and supports many other important events and programs for the school.

Thank you so kindly for your help and continued support!


Mr.Peter Park


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Leland High School Parent Club


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Dear Parents and Leland Community,

As you know, school safety is very important to us. We have taken, and continue to take, great strides to ensure we have the safest school possible. This spring, Leland Parent Club will be fundraising to pay for safety sleeves for doorways and new emergency buckets for each classroom.

‘The Sleeve’ is a device that can be slipped over a door hinge in a matter of seconds in order to stop entry into a classroom. It’s a user-friendly device for students and teachers in an emergency situation. In conjunction with locking the door and using the sleeve make opening the classroom door extremely difficult.

Leland High School Parent Club

Urgent Request!

                Fundraising Campaign for               Emergency Classroom Supplies