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Make A Donation - Your donation in any amount is always appreciated. Use the donation form to mail in your donation, or click the 'Donate Now' button at the left to make a donation of any amount through PayPal.The recommended donation amount for per family is $250. However, we would like for you to contribute what is comfortable for you. Every donation makes a difference! Thank you!

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The Leland High School Parent Club strives to make a positive impact on the classroom environment and student programs. The parent club is led by an all volunteer parent executive committee, which meets monthly during the school year to coordinate fundraising activities and allocate expenditures for Leland High School. The committee works closely with the Principal, Administration and staff to help determine the (fiscal) needs of the schools programs and successfully meet those needs while building a solid foundation for continued growth.​


The financial goal of the Parent Club donation drive for the 2021 / 2022 school year is $50,000.00. The activities, programs and upgrades identified for the 2021 / 2022 funding drive include:

  • Technology to the Classroom
  • Departmental Grants
  • Teacher Wish Lists
  • Campus Enhancements
  • Naviance
  • Senior Recognition Awards
  • Teacher Appreciation Events

Leland High School Parent Club


  • To enrich the school experience of our children by providing additional resources to the faculty and staff
  • To involve parents and other family members in programs and activities that result in continuous improvement of the student experience.
  • To provide fundraising opportunities to support academic enrichment programs, capital improvements and supplies to our students and the Leland High School site.
  • To encourage parent volunteering to contribute to the overall success of the educational experience.
  • To promote school spirit and staff appreciation.
  • Coordinating with other school clubs and the San Jose Unified School District to align funding for large programs and projects.

About our CLUB